Monfrague is a comarca of Extremadura, western Spain, which contains one of the country´s fifteen National Parks in Spain.

From 1979 the area was protected as a national park until national park status was garanted in 2007.Since 2003 it has been recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere reserve. The park is north of Trujillo and runs from east to west along the valley of the river Tagus. It includes a long mountainous ridge, which the river has cut through, creating on the western side an impressive rock face,the Penafalcon.On the eastern sideis the Castle of Monfrague. The River Tjeter enters the park from the north-east and joins the Tagus just to the east of Penafalcon. There is only one village in the park,Villareal de San Carlo. This film is made in february and may 2014.